Andrea was furious. “Aunt Theresa is being beastly. She is cooking up a deal with all those horrid foreigners in Europe. We have to stop her.”

Michael cleared his throat. “You’re quite right, Andrea. Of course, Aunt Theresa wanted to put me in charge. But I saw through her wiles. There must be a better way. Let us hunt through her house in Downing Street and see if we can find her secret plan.”

Andrea seethed. How like a boy. Michael had stolen her idea. She never got full credit, even though once she had run the entire British financial system. She had set up this group and called it the Famous Five, after all.

“What are we searching for?” said Chris. Or at least that’s probably what he said as, once again, he had his head stuck in a bucket and it was hard to hear him.

“It’s the explanation of how we can leave the EU while retaining all the benefits of staying in the EU, silly” said Andrea.

“Can’t we search for some hidden jewels instead?” asked Penny. Liam (the fox) barked and then started rummaging through the bins.

“Stop that, Liam” said Michael. “That’s the wrong house.” Liam sulked. Just when he was about to find a juicy new trade deal, the others always stopped him.

“Wait a minute” said Penny “I can hear something.”

A blond boy was walking past. “Blah blah blah secret plans” he said “Blah blah blah, pyramid of piffle”

“That’s just Boris. He just talks gibberish” exclaimed Andrea in disgust. “We need to get to Downing Street quickly.”

“I have arranged transport for all of us” shouted Chris, who had removed his head from the bucket at last. And he pointed proudly to a unicycle. Andrea put her head in her hands in despair. After all her Nobel prizes, how had it come to this?

Will the famous five stop Aunt Theresa? Will Boris ever talk sense? Find out in the next instalment “Five mount a botched leadership bid”.

With apologies to Enid Blyton

Economist columnist, opinions generally my own, typos always my fault. Author of Paper Promises, The Last Vote and The Money Machine

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